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Street lighting

RTech, a subsidiate of the Shreder international group, has worked together with DTI on Pilot street lighting projects.

LED street lamp


  • Reduce power consumption
  • Provide dimmable, affordable lamps
  • Ease maintenance tasks
  • Dynamically control lamp's intensity and illuminated area depending on traffic conditions


  • The LED technology was chosen to bring efficiency and flexibility
  • Communication between lamps and the traffic radar has been implemented using the Lonworks Power Line technology
  • Configuration and monitoring of the system is done through a PLAUSB adapter and a .NET supervisory application built on top of Multilon


  • By controlling LED intensity and illuminated zones based on traffic requirements, it is possible to significantly reduce energy consumption while increasing users' comfort and security
  • The power-line technology make use of existing wired infrastructure and does not need additional work to be implemented. It does not suffer from radio-frequency interferences.
  • The PLAUSB, a member of the DTI Lonworks Adapters helps quickly build monitoring and configuration softwares for power-line nodes

Involved devices
Involved software