Lonworks solutions for OEM and Integrators

DTI Added value

DTI is active as Lonworks solutions provider since 1992

From the beginning, we focused on creating innovative infrastructure and I/O products for the Lonworks market but not only. Our team of engineers and computer scientists is expert in combining multiple technologies and protocols together.

The first DTI - Lonworks infrastructure and communication adapters were designed for MS-DOS; a text-mode network management tool with menus ! Since then, our software and hardware devices have evolved due to a continuous R&D investment.

The next breakthrough arised in 2001 when we developped our own Lonworks stack and hardware MAC, the LSK was born and brought new performance breakthrough in the Lonworks market by eliminating the neuronchip bottle-neck. The next breakthrough came in 2006, with the first true .NET Lonworks network management tool and application server - unprecedence flexbility and performance: perform a network scan with 600 nodes in 40 seconds !

And we keep on ! January 2010: launch of the DLONIP4 and DSA framework platform: the first .NET enabled embedded gateway with .NET virtual nodes, silverlight web user interface and .NET programming !

Our vision has always been 3 years or more ahead of other competitors in the Lonworks market; since the begining, we introduced credit-free lonworks management tools, an approach that is now followed even by the Echelon. We introduced customizable ethernet / lonworks gateways since 2002, an SDK allows customers to create their own application. competitors introduced this feature only a few years ago; We then introduced true .NET services, others only have wrappers using COM.

January 2010, next revolution in customizable gateways with DLONIP4 and DSA framework...and let's see what we'll introduce in 2012 !