Lonworks solutions for OEM and Integrators

Lonworks protocol

Lonworks bus (LON = Local Operated Network) is a distributed intelligence system where a given number of devices have a local processing unit, some input/outputs and take decisions based on information received from other devices connected on the same network.

Information is exchanged between those devices using the LonTalk protocol. There is typically no master nor slave: each device can send a message when it needs to. Such systems are very reliable because a defect device will not affect the whole system, and remaining devices could take some specific action when they detect that another device is not available anymore on the network.

Reliable transport of data is therefore a key point in such system where all the information is distributed. Today's applications are always demanding more and it becomes very common to manage or interact with remote sites. Remote sites are typically interconnected through Ethernet connections. Depending on the infrastructure available between the remote sites, Ethernet connections can be private (private LAN, usage of VPN) or through a public network (i.e. ADSL router).

Interoperability is also a key matter. The LonMark organization has standardized the way data should be exchanged between products from various manufacturers. For most applications, the Lonmark organization has defined functional profiles, containing a set of mandatory and optional standardized network variables (SNVTs). By complying to those functional profiles, devices will understand each other and interoperability can be achieved.

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