Lonworks solutions for OEM and Integrators

Lonworks Gateways

With the constant increase of technologies present in today's residential and industrial buildings, the availability of multi-protocol intelligent gateways is now a must have.

OEM and integrators are facing the challenge of combining those various technologies, in a world were new communication standards are emerging. Furthermore, the projects often require the combination of low cost field-buses with Ethernet and IP, technologies used for media control and distribution, but also for high quality human interfaces.

In such a world, a powerful, highly customizable, but easy to use and quick time-to-market gateway, provides everything one need to accomplish those tasks.

An intelligent gateway is not only an hardware solution. The quality of the final product and the resources involved in installation and customization will be mostly influenced by the software solution running inside that gateway.

Because our company has many years of experience in building custom gateways, we designed several types of gateways to achieve those goals

Choice between the two families is mostly dictated by the target market and quantities of the same gateway to be installed.


  • Neuron-chip based gateway
  • A low cost serial to Lonworks gateway which is customized using the neuron-chip programming language Neuron-c. This gateway is well-suited for repetitive low cost applications. It requires neuron-c language knowledge and development tools to be customized. A typical application is building-automation products where interconnection to specific protocols is often required. Another approach is to create a Lonworks gateway for a product (such as fire alarm system) which originally did not supported the Lonworks protocol. The gateway connects always to the same type of fire alarm and therefore is repetitive.
  • A neuron-c library is provided to access the hardware features of the board, thereby reducing development effort and cost


  • Main characteristics:
    • Intel Atom 1.1 or 1.6GHz 32 bits processor
    • 1Gb or 2Gb flash disk, 512Mb RAM
    • Dual Gigabit Ethernet interface
    • FT-10 interface
    • Linux or Windows XP embedded OS
    • .NET environment
    • DSA Framework
  • The DLONIP is A very powerful and versatile gateway. It is intended for demanding applications where multiple technologies have to be integrated. The DLONIP offers a short time-to-market approach based on the new DTI Services Applications (DSA) Framework API.

When complex gateway or proxy applications have to be developed, the usage of an industry standard, structured language like C#, combined to the large availability of .NET components and tools is an ideal choice.
.NET is a widespread technology which exists both for Windows and Linux environments. Development resources for .NET are easily found, which reduces the required training before one can start creating a custom gateway software. Also, the large availability of .NET components makes connection to other systems straightforward.

To further simplify the development process and in order to provide a standardized mechanism for web data presentation, package installation and control, as well as  application monitoring, DTI has developed the DSA framework.

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