Lonworks solutions for OEM and Integrators

DLONIP4 Lonworks Ethernet gateway

DLONIP4 is a flexible yet powerful Lonworks gateway.

This new platform, based on the Intel Atom processor, provides high performance in a well-known industry proven Intel x86 architecture. But this technology breakthrough is not the major improvement. The new platform is running the DSA framework, a versatile framework for creating embedded applications with rich internet content.

Based on the .NET runtime and Silveright plugin, the new framework takes care of all embedded gateway aspects and let you focus on your core business. Development time and costs are divided by a factor around 5 versus competitor solutions.

The DLONIP4 gateway provides a large set of connectivity such as Lonworks, Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Serial and USB.

DSA Framework

altBecause we are convinced that fast time-to-market and reduced development effort is a major concern for everybody, we designed the DSA API. This API helps you to create custom applications in a few hours. Focus on your business and take benefit of all the features offered by the DSA API.

Some of the DSA API Features:

  • .NET environment
  • Standard configuration screen available in the DLONIP's web pages without any programming
  • Quick interfacing to Silverlight user interfaces using the integrated SOAP server
  • DSA Controller tool
  • Automatic service installation
  • Automatic service upgrade
  • Service monitoring
  • Watch-dog feature
  • Software installation packages management

Off-the-shelf libraries

The DLONIP is provided with standard libraries often used in residential or industrial gateways:

  • Lonworks stack
  • Modbus stack
  • TCP/IP
  • Serial ASCII/RTU
  • ESPA 4.4.4
  • SOAP server

Web user interface

Rich content user interfaces are becoming a “must have” in today's applications.
In our platform we have chosen the combination of web-services and Silverlight based user interfaces.

DLONIP runs a series of Service applications through the DSA API. Those service applications can easily interact with remote clients applications or remote web clients. They can provide real-time interaction with Lonworks nodes through the DLONIP's LonWorks interface.

The provided web-content serves multiple purposes:

  • Configuration of DLONIP parameters and standard services
  • DSA Service applications configuration / installation / monitoring
  • Web applications

Configuration and status of the various services running on the DLONIP can be accessed using the included configuration interface. This interface is automatically extended to provide configuration parameters for all installed DSA Service Applications, therefore offering a consistent nice-looking user interface.

Control your LonWorks network from anywhere in the world by using a standard web-browser. Type-in the name or IP address of the DLONIP device, enter your login and password… You are in touch with your LonWorks devices.

Software Development Kit

altSpecific applications need specific solutions…
By using our SDK, your development team will be able to create custom applications running inside the DLONIP.

DLONIP-SDK-NET contains everything you need to create custom .NET applications and extend the DLONIP capabilities. Create configuration tools, data logging or monitoring applications, web services, residential or industrial gateways...
You just need a .NET development environment like Visual Studio or the free edition C# express.

Development of custom applications is a two-stages process:

Application is first developed on a standard Windows or Linux PC. This allows you to use debuggers and fine tune your application. During this step, a DLONIP is used for transparent access to the LonWorks network, using the DTI LonServer protocol. The debugged application is running on the development PC but behaves like if it was in the embedded device.    

Once application is correctly running on the development PC, just install it on the target device. Your application is ready !

Content of the SDK-NET:

  • CD with installation tool
  • Librairies to help you create your custom applications
  • Demo and documentation

You don't have enough resources to do the customization ?

Our team of engineers and software analysts is ready to help you and design specific gateway software to meet your requirements.

Hardware specifications
Software specifications
  • 9..24V DC  - 12W
  • 9-positions DIN rail
  • 1,1 GHz Atom (1,6GHz as option)
  • 1 FT-10 port
  • 2 Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps ports
  • Serial RS232/485 port
  • Serial Extension Bus
  • 2 x USB 2.0
  • 1Gb flash disk
  • Optional 8Gb flash disk
  • LCD display (2x16)
  • Digital I/O (2DI, 2DO)
  • .NET runtime
  • DSA framework
  • LonSwitchServer
  • TCP/IP, Modbus and Lonworks stack
  • EIA852 router & configuration server (option)
  • Embedded web server
  • Customizable Silverlight user interface for control & configuration
  • Multilon2 server (option)
  • Scada library (option)
  • VPN Server and client (option)