Lonworks solutions for OEM and Integrators

LIOEXT, a customizable Lonworks gateway with serial port

The LIOEXT is member of the LIO gateways products line.

The LIOEXT has gateway standard features and may accept an optional hardware plugin from the LIO products range.

The standard features are: 3150 neuronchip with 64kb of address space, shared between RAM and FLASH (partition can be customized). It has a memory mapped 16C550 UART with RS232 or RS485 transceiver.

An optional memory mapped 2 lines 16 characters display can be used to provide status information.

This gateway requires a custom firmware written in neuron-c, the programming language of Lonworks devices.

A library is available to quickly use the hardware features such as serial port, optional text display or hardware plugins.

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  • 9..24 VDC
  • 1 slot for hardware plugin
  • Serial port RS232 or RS485
  • Optional 2x16 lines text display