Lonworks solutions for OEM and Integrators

LonServer connectors

As described in the LonServer protocol section, a connector is a software block interconnecting a LonServer to a physical network.

Connection to the LonServer (or LonSwitchServer) is done via an IP connection by implementing the LonClient feature.

Access to physical network is implemented through any mechanism.

Generic  connector architecture

Serial Connector

The serial connector interconnects a LonServer (or LonSwitchServer) to a physical LON network through a LBC (Lonworks Bridge Core), i.e. FT-10 / Serial
This connector is typically used within an hardware device such as DLONIP to interconnect with the FT-10 physical port of that device.
EIA852 Connector

The EIA852 connector interconnects a LonServer (or LonSwitchServer) to a EIA852 LON over IP network. The EIA852 software block implements the EIA852 protocol and router algorithm. The EIA852 integrated router can be either configured as a standard Lonworks router or set in repeater/bridge mode which still offers the flexibility of the plug and play feature implemented in the LonSwichServer.

EIA-852 configuration server

An EIA-852 configuration server is available and can be run on various platforms.
The configuration server provides simple configuration of your EIA-852 and supports a list of authorized clients' IP addresses.
Usage of a configuration server is required for any EIA-852 network.

EIA852 connector architecture