Lonworks solutions for OEM and Integrators

Lonworks Software Kit

DTI Lonworks Software Kit (LSK) is a full implementation of the Lonworks EIA709.1 standard.

Designed to work both on Windows and Linux platforms, this API will help you create virtual Lonworks nodes on a host platform.

A Virtual Lonworks node behaves like a standard neuronchip-based node, with the difference that you can run it on different (typically more powerful) platforms. As LSK is available for various processor architectures (ARM, Intel) and/or various operating systems (Windows, Linux) you can easily add Lonworks connectivity to your existing product. Moreover, the API is available either as native or for .NET framework, thereby enhancing flexibility.

The LSK seamlessly integrates with all our other software blocks meaning that you can for example use the LonServer or LonSwitchServer virtual bus to instantiate multiple LSK-based virtual nodes on the same device, having only one physical Lonworks connection. Each virtual node will have its own NeuronID and will be seen on the Lonworks network as it was on its own hardware.

All the virtual node behaviour is contained into your application. The library just uses a unique file to store configuration parameters results of the commission process.

The LSK does not only contain a Lonworks stack implementation, it also contains many utilities to decode packets, connect to DTI LonServer virtual bus or EIA852 networks.

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