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Multilon GUI

Multilon GUI

Multilon GUI is a Windows user interface for Multilon server.

This software uses .NET remoting to connect to Multilon's Application programming Interface.

Multilon GUI offers most of the management  functionality of multilon and is a good example of Multilon's capabilities. The software can be used as-is to manage the database, debug Lonworks applications using the integrated protocol analyzer and much more.

Multilon GUI source code is available upon NDA agreement and is a good start point to create your own .NET application and integrate Lonworks management features.

There is no fee associated to the use of Multilon GUI. Its license is included in Multilon's license.

Product features:

  • Manage models database (import XIF/NXE files into database)
  • Manage nodes database (create nodes instances, configure nodes parameters, scan network...)
  • Manage nodes (reset, wink, read statistics, upload firmware, connect network variables, send messages...)
  • View/modify SNVT values in real-time
  • Manage routers
  • Protocol analyzer with customizable messages decoding, transactions tracking, advanced filtering, save, restore...
  • Scan network and add discovered nodes

Network scan

Network scan result


Protocol analyzer view

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